Hawaiian palm (brighamia): watering, exposure and maintenance

Hawaiian palm (brighamia): watering, exposure and maintenance

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The Hawaiian palm is a pretty succulent plant native to the Hawaiian archipelago.

Easy to maintain, it is the delight of our interiors

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brighamia insignis
Family : Campanulaceae
Type : Succulent plant

: 100 to 120 cm
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : winter

Maintaining the Hawaiian palm tree is within everyone's reach because it does not present many difficulties.

Hawaiian palm tree in pot

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Hawaiian palm is a succulent herbaceous plant and therefore should be cultivated as such.

Its growth is slow but we also like it for its small size.

Brighamia insignis palm in pot:

Brighamia insignis is native to the Pacific Islands and therefore adapts to mild climates.

It's better to grow your brighamia insignis in pots and indoors. It is indeed not frost resistant

  • We canrepot the Hawaiian palm tree right after you buy it, unless you bought it in a decorative pot it is supposed to stay in
  • Brighamia insignis is not resistant to temperatures below 15 °.
  • Brighamia insignis cannot stay outside in winter.

Brighamia insignis exhibition:

The Hawaiian palm prefers bright situations but without direct sunlight.

  • Avoid rooms that are too dark because it will be difficult to grow
  • Keep your palm tree away from a radiator that could dry out the plant
  • Avoid putting it behind a window facing south

Maintenance of the Hawaiian palm tree

While the maintenance of brighamia insignis is easy, there are just a few simple steps you can take to improve growth throughout the seasons.

  • He needs a lot of light
  • Watering is reduced to a minimum (see paragraph below)
  • The earth must remain relatively poor, no fertilizer is needed.

Size of brighamia insignis:

When and how to prune brighamia insignis?

Pruning is not mandatory because the plant does very well. But it sometimes helps to restore a little vigor to the plant and to densify its foliage when it is bald.

  • Always prune your brighamia insignis gently.
  • Pruning is best done after flowering

Warning : the Hawaiian palm, brighamia insignis, does not restart on old wood.

Watering the Hawaiian palm tree

Watering the Hawaiian palm is important because, as succulents, it stores the water it needs in its leaves.

It is therefore useless to water too much, it is sometimes even better to forget it ...

  • During the growth period, 1 watering per week, when the soil is very dry.
  • Outside of growth periods 1 to 2 waterings every 15 days.

  • In winter, a light watering once a month is more than enough.

In all cases, it is important to wait until the ground is dry between 2 waterings before watering, ideally with soft water.

WARNING : The leaves of succulents are loaded with water. If they are sagging, they need to be watered.

Smart tip

You can leave your Hawaiian palm tree outside in summer, as long as you are certain that the temperatures will not drop below 13/14 ° at night.

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