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Jacinthe White Pearl: a unique white

Jacinthe White Pearl: a unique white

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The White Pearl hyacinth is a truly remarkable hyacinth thanks to its beautiful white bloom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hyacinthus orientalis
Family : Liliaceae
Type : Bulbeuse

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Outdoor flowering : March to April -Interior : December to March

In a pot indoors or in soil in the garden, it is just as beautiful in association with other colors.

Planting White Pearl Hyacinth

Hyacinth White Pearl in the ground for flowering in spring:

  • Preferably plant your Hyacinth White Pearl in autumn at a depth of 10 cm, for a flowering in spring.
  • The Hyacinth White Pearl will be much more beautiful if you create beautiful spots of color.
    It is necessary for that plant the bulbs in groups spacing them 10-15 cm apart.
    The more there is, the more remarkable the effect!
  • Find our advice for to plant bulbs in the ground
  • Here are also tips for plant bulbs in clayey and flooded soil

Hyacinth White Pearl in a pot in autumn / winter:

White Pearl hyacinth is very suitable for forcing which allows it to flower earlier and decorate our interiors during winter.

It is indeed quite possible to make the hyacinths inside of his house, of fall until early spring.

Hyacinth White Pearl in pot:

From the month of September and until the month of January,

  • In a pot or a cup, make a bed of potting soil about 3 or 4 cm.
  • Place the bulbs so that they touch each other to get a nice compact effect.
  • Cover with potting soil, leaving just the tips of the bulbs stick out.
  • Place everything in a cool, dark and relatively humid place.
  • As soon as the leaves come out, place the cup in a bright place and a little less cool (around 10 °)
  • A few days later you can put them in your house to enjoy the flowering.

Caring for Hyacinth White Pearl

Hyacinth White Pearl in the ground:

The White Pearl hyacinths that we plant in the ground in the fall bloom in spring, which is the normal flowering time.

  • At the end of flowering, cut the foliage when it has well yellowed and only then because that is when the plant builds up its reserves for the next flowering.

Hyacinth White Pearl in pot:

Hyacinths White Pearl bought and grown in pots are intended to flourish our interiors in winter. There is no point in keeping them in their pots because they will not bloom again unless you put them outside.

  • At the end of flowering, it is no need to keep your hyacinths in pots because those that have flowered indoors do not bloom only once.
  • You can nevertheless put the bulbs in the ground outside for flowering within 1 or 2 years.

All you need to know about White Pearl hyacinth

Characterized by its pretty cluster flowers, they form beautiful white scented bells.

The hyacinth White Pearl offers a very beautiful show from the early spring outdoors and from December indoors.

In clumps, in a planter or in a bouquet, it can be combined with hyacinths pastel, pink or blue for a decorative effect of the most successful.

Smart tip about White Pearl hyacinth

Do not be surprised if over the years the White Pearl Hyacinth blooms less and less, this is inevitable.

Remember to regularly replant new bulbs.

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