Depression in dogs: how to treat it?

Depression in dogs: how to treat it?

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Our four-legged companions have feelings.

Different situations can alter their emotional state and modify their behavior. When everything has lost interest in the dog, it is called a depressive state.

Here is how to prevent depression, to detect it and to treat it ...

Dog socialization

The first few weeks of a dog's life are crucial for their future life.

A poorly socialized puppy deprived of stimulation will be predisposed to depression.

He will develop phobias and have difficulty interacting in a new environment.

The dog will experience each change as a trauma that can lead to a depressive state.

Learning to be alone

Certain breeds like the Jack Russel (Malinois, Labrador) have a personality that is prone to depression if they are not offered activities that match their intelligence.

We must constantly channel their energy and make them work.

To help them be patient between each work session, learning to be alone is essential to avoid depression (read the symptom of anxiety in dogs).

Sad dog: detect depression

Just like people, a depressed dog changes behavior.

  • He becomes bulimic or anorexic.
  • He refuses to go for a walk.
  • The dog is hiding or isolating himself.
  • It destroys or becomes aggressive.
  • Some dogs mutilate themselves, others stop grooming and get messy.
  • He screams at death, moans, barks.
  • He is lethargic.
  • Skin problems (itching, red patches) can occur.
  • He runs away.
  • A depressed dog changes his posture. His tail is low, he trembles at the slightest noise. His master feels he is stressed, anxious, disoriented, distant… sad.

Possible causes of depression

The dog needs a regular life. Giving him points of reference during the day reassures him and helps him to wait.

For some, the least imbalance in her routine can be the trigger for depression.

  • Move.
  • Arrival of a child or other animal.
  • Resumption of his master's work after a period of unemployment.
  • Insufficient outputs.
  • Less attention.
  • The death of a family member or their playmate (cat, dog, etc.).
  • Have him look after him during your absences.

Treating dog depression

After an examination at the veterinarian to rule out any diseases, a master must be patient to help his dog. We have to dorevive envy.

  • Brush your dog by talking to him softly to recreate the bond.
  • Set benchmarks to reassure him with outings and meals at set times.
  • Put your bed in a quiet place. You can install a pheromone diffuser nearby. They are found in veterinarians. They fit into a power outlet.
  • During the walks, play with your dog and give him some treats to make the moment pleasant and strengthen the bond.
  • Offer him a companion if that's within your possibilities. An animal of the opposite sex is a preferable choice to avoid domination.
  • Sometimes taking antidepressants is necessary to help the dog.
  • The Bach flowers(flower essences) are very interesting because they affect emotions and mood. They are to be taken in the form of drops as a basic treatment.

Depression in older dogs

With age the dog loses sight, becomes less mobile and can develop a kind of senility.

Slowly, he sinks into a depressed state. Some of them spin around all day, bark and cry for no reason.

The veterinarian may prescribe a treatment that will ventilate the brain cells and improve the dog's condition.

Diseases related to dog sadness

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between depression and an illness that is developing in your dog.

Piroplasmosis, Parvovirus, joint pain or hyperthyroidism make dogs listless and sad and affect their behavior. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian quickly.

To meditate :

“Depression is like a little death, because when you come out of it you feel like you're brand new. "

Karel Thélot


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