What is organic gardening?

What is organic gardening?

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Organic gardening involves applying the principles of organic farming to gardening.

The essential difference from organic farming is that gardening, a leisure activity, is not subject to the economic constraints of farming.

It is clear that organic gardening is gaining more and more followers and that the results now meet the expectations of the most seasoned gardeners.

What is organic gardening

Compared to traditional gardening, the main differences relate to:

  • The removal of chemical inputs : pesticides, herbicides, acaricides ...
  • The biological approach has the advantage of limit spending at their bare minimum, mainly tools and seeds. The latter can very often even be produced by the gardener himself.
  • The seeds, to respect the laws in force for organic cultivation, should normally be from organic farming.
  • For fertilization, the preferred use of compost, that is to say to all crop residues or from the table (cut plants, vegetable consumption residues ... except bones which can however be crushed).

Source: Wikipedia

Moderate watering helps to preserve our environment:

Water is an increasingly scarce resource on our planet and it is important to preserve it.

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A well-made plantation protects nature:

By planting trees and shrubs at the right time, you promote rooting and therefore better recovery.

Your tree or shrub being more vigorous, you limit the watering, the application of fertilizers as well as the use of products to fight against diseases or parasites.
You thus limit your environmental footprint.

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Nettle manure: a good organic fertilizer and an effective way to fight against parasites.

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The use of compost is excellent for recycling plant waste but also for plants.

  • Find our advice for how to properly compost and how to use it

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