Stephanotis: star fragrance

Stephanotis: star fragrance

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Stephanotis (or Madagascar jasmine) was the preferred plant by Marilyn Monroe. Its flowering requires a little care, but its elegant and incredibly fragrant florets are well worth a little effort.

Lucky plant native to Madagascar, where it was brought back to the XIXe century, the stephanotis is traditionally used in bridal bouquets.

If it is not guided on a support, it unfolds in long garlands which, when gathered, evoke a wedding veil or can be used to braid a crown.

Its white flowers, in starry trumpets, have a subtle and warm scent, a mixture of jasmine and lily. One of the most popular scents that go into the composition of many perfumes, such as Night of Fancy by Anna Sui or Love of Pink by Lacoste.

Stephanotis, Beautiful talkative

If the flowers of stephanotis are delicate, its leaves and stems are robust. To be disciplined, they must be conducted on a support in the form of an arch.

But you can also give them the freedom to scale up and achieve spectacular results. Because these miniature creepers have the ability to hang on to any medium within their reach: shelf, rod, curtain ...

A bit capricious the stephanotis

To make your stephanotis, place it near a window, in a well ventilated and lighted place, out of direct sunlight.

During its flowering stephanotis likes to be well hydrated, but does not like water to form in its pot. In addition to regular waterings, spray it with rainwater to create a humid atmosphere.

Stephanotis don't like change very much. Once in place, do not turn the pot: changing its exposure would drop its flower buds.

Flowering Madagascan jasmine is not always easy to obtain. For it to take place, it is better to make it take a period of rest in winter. Keep it during these dark months in a bright and cool room (around 13 °), and reduce watering.

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