Winterizing houseplants

Winterizing houseplants

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Like some mammals, houseplants need to overwinter!

Here is how to ensure them a good rest and a beautiful awakening.

During this period of rest, which lasts until spring, watering should be reduced and feed stopped.

However, don't forget to dust their leaves regularly because they continue to breathe, but in slow motion!

A well deserved rest

In winter, your house plants need less light, fertilizer and water, but they fear cold and drafts.

Install them in a dark room where the temperature fluctuates between 13 and 18 degrees. Avoid the proximity of glazing which can cause sunburn on the leaves.

Regularly dust their leaves to avoid clogging the respiratory stomata. On the other hand, do not use wax bombs which can interfere with their evapotranspiration.

A tonic awakening

In the spring, it will be time to give them a nutritional boost by repotting in a pot with a slightly larger diameter (5 cm more maximum).

To do this, let the pot soak in a bucket for half an hour. Drain it, turn it over and tap the bottom to loosen the soil. Try not to break the root ball so as not to injure the roots.

Check that the drainage hole of the new pot allows the excess water to drain out.

Place a shard of a broken pot in it, then cover with a good layer of expanded clay balls or gravel for drainage.

Pour new potting soil halfway up. Sit the roots of the plant on this soil. Complete by pouring around the root ball. Tamp well.

Keep a space at the top of the pot for watering.

The first watering should be more generous to drive out the air bubbles trapped in the soil.

You don't need to repot every year if your plant is regularly fertilized.

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