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Trim the lavender well

Trim the lavender well

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Pruning lavender is an important step in extending or renewing flowering from year to year.

If you can also let it grow without pruning it, your lavender will never be as beautiful as when it has been cared for.

The pruning of the lavender also prevents it from shedding.

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Lavender pruning

To prevent lavender from losing its hair, the best technique is to prune it regularly. Pruning lavender each year will improve flowering.

  • Lavender pruning takes place preferably after flowering, at the end of summer.
  • The more regular the size of lavender, the better off it will be.

After flowering, start by removing dead flowers. You can also use a few flowers that have not yet faded to put them in a cupboard to give the laundry a good smell.

  • Lavender is only pruned on still soft wood, ideally on the shoots of the year
  • No growth takes place on old wood. If you prune the lavender on the old wood, it will not come back and may die.
  • We therefore prune rather lightly by going around the lavender, without ever pruning the dry wood.
  • A good way is to prune the foliage of the year

Lavender pruning in video

Here, in pictures and video, how to properly prune your lavender.

Video: Lavender - cutting back after first flowering (July 2022).


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