The rhipsalis does nothing but his head ... hairy!

The rhipsalis does nothing but his head ... hairy!

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Here is a cactus that immediately piques curiosity! Thornless, it sports a disheveled look that lends itself to all kinds of unexpected decor effects. We let ourselves be inspired!

The rhipsalis hides its game well! Indeed, unlike other cacti, it does not have a thorn. It is therefore easily tamed without stinging. And that's good! Because its mop of a beautiful green makes you want to hang it, put it on a table, stage it solo or as a tribe. This succulent immediately arouses an appetite for creativity! © Irina84

Rhipsalis sets apart

Rhipsalis does nothing like the others! Thornless cactus, it is also the only one of this plant family to flourish naturally outside of North and South America. It is thus native to the rainforests of Central and South America, Africa and some islands in the Indian Ocean. Epiphyte, it grows there at ease on tree trunks without bothering them.

Thus installed, it can producemany small white flowersyellow, oranges or red which, once pollinated, turn into berries.

Berries are rarely seen to appear when placed indoors. But we console ourselves by savoring the quality of the air in our home: the purifying power of rhipsalis having been proven by studies by NASA.

Rhipsalis, an amazing family

From the rhipsalis, one can therefore expect all kinds of surprises. You don't always recognize it at first glance! Don't panic, there is nothing more normal.

There are, in fact, about sixty varieties. It is therefore difficult to identify all the members of this large family unless you are an expert. We can however distinguish the stars of the tribe thanks to some very characteristic details of their personality. The rhipsalis pilocarpa is compact and its stems are very typical because they evoke coral.

It is also impossible not to spot the cassutha rhipsalis with its indomitable hair and the bacciferra rhipsalis with its long drooping stems and its leaves reminiscent of green and curly spaghetti! Three stars of the interior design thanks to their incomparable looks.


Funny in character, rhipsalis will inspire all lovers of unexpected and original details. They will turn away her wig, often tinted with a slight shade of green in the indoor jungle.

They will tame its cut to create plant table runners with the best effect and in multiple scales, all varieties of rhipsalis ranging from size S to size XL!

Finally, whatever its format, rhipsalis is easy to live with. It does not lose its leaves even if we sometimes forget to water it! The ideal plant ...

Caring for rhipsalis

Admittedly, it requires little attention ... But rhipsalis still deserves a few gestures of affection. One way to show him that he holds an important place in the house!

Planting rhipsalis:

Whatever pot you use for your rhipsalis, it must absolutely be drilled at the bottom to avoid any risk of the roots stagnating in the water.

  • At the bottom of the pot, put a bed of gravel or clay balls so that water does not stagnate at the roots.

On the substrate side, choose a potting soil for cacti plants that you can mix with a little sand.

Choose the location carefully:

• It is placed in a lighted place, even in full sun ... But since it is easy going, it will also thrive in more shaded places.

Watch out for watering:

• We try to water it once a week even if its root ball can become slightly dehydrated between each shower. Some varieties like drooping rhipsalis, especially if hanging in the sun, you need a little more water. We also don't hesitate to spray it from time to time.

• Once a month, give your plant a little fertilizer.

• Are its stems too long? We simply cut them to the desired length!

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