How to Select a Cordless Lawn Mower

How to Select a Cordless Lawn Mower

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The cordless, robot, battery, petrol or manual lawn mower is an ideal solution to effectively maintain a lawn.

This tool has many advantages including power, performance and convenience.

Advice on the selection criteria to keep in mind to make a wise purchase.

Which cordless lawn mower to choose?

Indispensable to having an impeccable lawn, the cordless lawn mower is popular with all gardening enthusiasts, from spring to fall. The choice of model depends on the area to be mowed as well as the configuration of the land. In addition, knowing the characteristics of the material is necessary to choose a suitable model.

  • The manual mower

The manual mower is an ecological and easy to use tool. It is suitable for the maintenance of small grassed areas up to 100 m² or 250 m² if the space is flat and uncluttered. Mowing must be regular because its helical blades cut grass not too tall, leaving them in place.

  • The robot mower

Also called the robotic lawnmower, it is an autonomous, programmable and battery-operated machine, even in the rain. It mows for you by following a markup in the garden and according to the principle of mulching, making small pieces so no need to collect. The area to be mowed can vary from 150 m² to 4000 m². Only the price can hold back the purchase.

  • The electric mower

The so-called battery-powered electric lawn mower is popular with gardeners because of its affordable price, its appreciable performance and its non-negligible silence. Battery operated, it has a power of 1,400 to 1,800 W necessary for medium to large areas, up to 500 m² and is recognized as being as efficient as a wired one. If the ground is larger and the grass is stubborn, a reference of over 1500 watts is recommended.
Electricity is stored in the batteries and does not need to be plugged in while mowing. The work of collecting remains to be done and why not put the mowing waste on the compost heap!

  • The petrol mower

A petrol engine mower is powerful, manoeuvrable and easy to maintain. It is essential for a surface of more than 1000 m2. Better to choose a power of 4.5 HP for small models and 6 HP for land from 1,500 to 2,500 m2. You should know that regular maintenance (changing the spark plug, changing the oil or fitting a new filter) and a reserve of gasoline are necessary.

“The battery-powered mower provides real convenience and is quickly replacing electric and petrol mowers.”

Laurent Rinié, Marketing Manager, Centrale Brico

The strengths of cordless lawn mowers

The success of this type of equipment, whether battery, thermal, robot or manual, is due to the fact that it displays real versatility when mowing a small or large area. These mowers offer different heights and widths of cut while offering good autonomy. When choosing, it is important to consider the quality of lithium batteries. The better it is, the greater the autonomy of the device.

A cordless lawn mower has some great strengths when it comes to lawn care. This type of device powered by an electric motor is also quieter. Recent Lithium-Ion battery technologies offer good autonomy. They are lighter and easier to handle. Today, this tool is quite common and high-performance models are now available at reasonable prices.

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