Pan-fried Brussels sprouts

Pan-fried Brussels sprouts

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Long forgotten and put aside as a canteen souvenir, Brussels sprouts are back in fashion and that's good!

Harvested or bought fresh and still very green, simply pan-fried, it is really delicious!

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 500 gr of Brussels sprouts
  • 2 shallots
  • 20 g butter
  • 10 cl of chicken broth
  • 10 cl of white wine
  • 1 liter of salted water
  • Salt pepper

Recipe for pan-fried Brussels sprouts

In order to keep all the flavor of Brussels sprouts and their beautiful green color, they must be blanched

  • Bring salted water to a boil
  • Immerse the Brussels sprouts for 5 min
  • Remove from the heat and throw the Brussels sprouts in cold water to stop cooking

Then cook the Brussels sprouts in a pan.

  • Slice the shallots
  • To melt the butter
  • Sauté the shallots for a few minutes then add the Brussels sprouts
  • Brown the cabbage for 5 minutes in all directions
  • Add the chicken stock and white wine then cook for another 10 min
  • When the poultry broth is completely dissolved, the Brussels sprouts are cooked!

All that's left is to serve hot, either on its own or with white meat or fatty fish such as salmon.

Enjoy your meal !

Video: Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon (July 2022).


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