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The small white onion in the kitchen: health benefits

The small white onion in the kitchen: health benefits

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The season for fresh white onions is April through July. Soft and crunchy, it spices up your salads and salad-based recipes.

Its nutritional virtues are numerous: rich in phosphorus, calcium and selenium, vitamin C, anti cancer, hypoglycemic, anti thrombosis, protector for the arteries ...

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An onion, but sweet and fresh!

The white onion is a young onion: fresh, sweeter and richer in water than its big brother, the dry onion, it is also more tender and can only be kept for a few days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. It comes in bundles, with its leaves, and is found from April to July.

The onion is a member of the Liliaceae family, like garlic. As such, it is rich in sulfur substances, which give it its taste and smell so… typical. It is also the presence of this sulfur that sometimes makes it difficult for sensitive people to digest.

Nutritional benefits of small white onion

White onion contains many mineral salts and trace elements: phosphorus, selenium (to give a little boost to the immune system and fight against cellular aging), calcium, iron, manganese (activator of many enzymes) and silica ( protecting the artery wall and helping to bind calcium to the bones).

Add to that a significant amount of vitamin C, as well as vitamins A and group B ... the onion has undoubtedly unsuspected riches!

Health benefits of white onion

Onions are attributed many virtues:

- antioxidant action, and therefore anti-cancer

- hypoglycaemic action: some of its compounds are opposed to an excessively strong increase in blood glucose concentration, which makes it interesting for diabetics ... and protective, for everyone!

- anti-platelet aggregation: the substances contained in the onion limit the formation of clots in the blood, and therefore make it possible to reduce the risk of thrombosis (it is still necessary to consume 200g of raw onion each day for an effect be noted!)

- the onion is alkalizing: it helps restore the acid-base balance (hyperacidity, often due to excessive consumption of meat, is responsible for a number of diseases),

- anti-bacterial proliferation: add raw, chopped onion to your meat and fish marinades!

White onion in the kitchen

While it is possible to cook white onions, it is best to eat them raw, to enjoy all of their nutritional benefits and their distinctive flavor. They are perfect in salads, finely sliced, for example with tomatoes, cucumber, tuna, a little quinoa or leftover rice ... They are also part of the ingredients of Lebanese tabbouleh, made with parsley and juice. lemon.

If you prefer to eat them cooked, confine them stewed, in butter or vegetable oil, and serve them over lamb or poultry!

The leaves of white onion have a flavor similar to that of chives: above all, do not throw them away. Finely sliced, they are used to spice up vinaigrettes, raw salad salads or add a little herbaceous touch to your meats and fish.

Smart tip for freezing white onions

Slice the white onions, place them on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer while they freeze. Then wrap them in a hermetically sealed bag: they will keep for 3 good months in the freezer.

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